Due to the increasing number of questions on the essentials of the various types of accounting documents, we have decided to provide templates of all the documents that can be generated using FakturaOnline.rs. These include a tax document, an invoice without VAT, an advance invoice, a pro forma invoice and a corrective tax document.

Invoice of the VAT payer — tax document

The most requested template is an invoice of the VAT payer — tax document. In addition to the usual essentials, it is mandatory to state the tax base and percentage of the amount of VAT for each item.

Invoice of the non-payer of VAT

The template of the invoice of non-payers of VAT is identical to the one of the VAT payer, but excludes items related to value added tax. Other essentials remain the same.

Advance invoice

Download our template for an advance invoice, which is used for invoicing certain products or services in advance. It is issued for a deposit payment.

Pro forma invoice

A pro forma invoice, unlike other documents, is not an accounting and therefore not a tax document. The information in this document is for reference purposes only.

Corrective tax document

The corrective tax document replaces tax credit and debit notes intended to correct the base and the amount of VAT. The essentials of the document are the same as those of documents of the VAT payer.